Friday, February 1, 2013


The snow fairy came last night and Sarah had a 2-hr delay this morning.  That's one negative of homeschooling - those delays don't always apply.  It just depends what the reason is!  We got through a lot today.  Meredith finished her 1st grade math book, Lyndsay & Grace finished up their unit on Venezuela.   I think they enjoyed learning about all the interesting animals the most.  Or maybe it was the diet of the tribes that live in the Amazon.  (Those were just the highlights - we really accomplished more than that!)

Josh is slowly but surely getting caught up although math is always going to be a challenge.  He saw a tutor yesterday, Michael, Teresa & Gene's nephew.  He is such a nice kid, and I think he really helped so we might be seeing a lot of him! 

Here's my picture of the day:

(After) Edited with the Downtown action and the matte color action from the coffee shop blog.

I'm trying to learn how to do a mouseover effect, so that's why this post is jumpy!  Chalk it  up to being an amateur!

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