Saturday, June 14, 2014

Short and sweet

These irises and peonies live right outside our front door and I love them, but am always bummed to see them go after what seems like only a few days. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Boy Scout Induction Ceremony

Josh was a Cub Scout for a couple of years starting back in the third or fourth grade, but because we did not like some of the things we saw in the group, it fizzled out.  I had one of those meetings with a fellow homeschool mom at the grocery store that seems like a coincidence, but then you realize later that it was just Providence. 

We somehow got to talking about the troop that her oldest son is in and she mentioned that Josh should consider rejoining.  When I mentioned it to him he agreed without hesitation so it seemed like a good thing.  

They are a great bunch of guys!!  They are very respectful and smart and resourceful and responsible and, etc., etc.  

They have great meetings and recently had a canoe trip and they have camp-outs once a month (even in the winter).  

They recently had the Induction Ceremony and I was forewarned, by the same mom from the grocery store, that this was no time to wear nice clothes with the understanding that we would be in a building.  The ceremony takes place literally in the middle of a forest that requires quite a hike to get to; going over a small man-made bridge and walking along a candlelit pathway with small stations every few yards with each of the scout virtues painted on a piece of wood.  Yes, candlelit, because they wait to start the official ceremony until the sun sets. 

Before that, they entertained everyone with skits they obviously spent hours working on ...ahem... but they were funny!

We are very proud of him and hope that this troop brings him a lot of enjoyment, learning and camaraderie.  The pictures turned out fuzzy because it was so dark...


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Texture Tuesday, Volume 17

Joining Kim for Texture Tuesday...

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Summer weather is finally here!  Enjoy your week :)

Mother's Day

Only about a month late getting this post out... :)

After church, we had a nice lunch at Martin's and then visited our mothers for the afternoon. 

The best Mother's Day gift for me is that the kitchen is CLOSED!  Eric made breakfast for me and we had grilled steaks for dinner.  It was great!