Monday, February 18, 2013

Lent - Day 6

"...Because we live in a sinful world, Lent itself must become a kind of separation.  We are called to leave behind our old ways of sin, which make our lives sterile and condemn us to spiritual death.  Yet these sinful ways are often so deeply rooted in our lives that it is painful to leave them behind and set out for the land of blessing which God promises..."  Homily at Mass for the Philippine Community gathered at the basilica of St. Pudenziana, February 24, 2002

Being called to separate ourselves from something that has become comfortable or even, we may think, necessary in our lives to get closer to God is a tall order for most of us!  We may think that we usually are on the right path only with just a few minor things to work on, but we should be honest with ourselves!  I'm sure that many people could turn away from at least one big thing that hinders their growth in God's grace.  Maybe it's a behavior, maybe it's not going to confession or maybe it's a bad habit.  There could be any number of possibilities of things that the devil plans for us to try and keep us away from our true Father. 

I just watched an awesome conversion story here (the good stuff starts at about 23:20).  It is so comforting to know that God loves us so deeply even when the rest of us may think, that because of someone's past, they are a lost cause.  Watch it!

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