2013 - 2014 Curriculum

Lyndsay - 6th grade
Math:  Saxon 7/6
Language Arts:   Writing with Skill (WTM)
                              Monthly book reports
                              Book club
                              Wordly Wise 6
Religion:   Faith & Life 6
                   Faith Defenders
                   St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism
                   Little Flowers (learning about the saints)
History:    Story of the World - Volume 2 (WTM)
                  Timeline (new this year)
Science:   Globe Fearon Life Science
Critical Thinking:    The Great Chocolate Caper

Grace - 4th grade
Math:   Abeka Math 4
Language Arts:   Wordly Wise 4
                              Writing with Ease 4 (WTM)
                               First Language Lessons 4 (WTM)
                              Wordsmith Apprentice
                               Monthly book reports
                               Book club
Religion:   Faith & Life 4
                   Faith Defenders
                   St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism
                   Little Flowers
History:    Story of the World - Volume 2 (WTM)
Science:  Abeka Science 4
Critical Thinking:  The Great Chocolate Caper

Meredith - 2nd grade
Math:  Abeka Math 2
Language Arts:  Wordly Wise 2
                            First Language Lessons 2 (WTM)
                            Writing with Ease 2 (WTM)
                            Monthly book reports
                            Explode the Code
Handwriting:  Handwriting 2 for Young Catholics
Religion:  Faith & Life 2
                 Faith Defenders
                 St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism
                 Little Flowers
                 Various First Holy Communion resources
History:  Story of the World - Volume 2 (WTM)
Science:  Many library resources based on the recommendations of Home Learning Year by Year (Rebecca Rupp)

2012 - 2013 Curriculum

Josh - started 1st semester homeschooling, started 2nd semester with  It is an online, tuition-free public school.  So far, I have not been impressed with the communication.  We received all his books and materials 4 days before his first day of school with absolutely no additional information on what we were to do next.  We had set up an online account as instructed previously, however, there wasn't even any information on that.  We checked all the FAQ sections, we looked for advertised orientations but found absolutely nothing.  I called the help line and was on the phone for a ridiculously long time without any positive or helpful results.  Now that he is 3 weeks into it, is a little better, but not great.  This was a necessary change, and I don't regret making the switch.  However, I don't think it will be an issue with the girls. 

Lyndsay - 5th grade
Math:  Saxon 6/5
Language Arts:  Spell & Write 5
                            Writing Skills 5
                            Literature assignments as planned by Lyndsay, Grace and me.  They decide on a book                                      they want to read, I approve it (or not), they read it together so it is nice for them to be                                  able to discuss it together and then they write a book report at the end.
                            Wordsmith Apprentice
Religion:  Faith & Life 5
                 King of the Golden City
                 We try to do different projects now and then that relate to our faith.
Science:  Apologia, Astronomy
Geography:  Expedition Earth (compliments of Erica). 

Grace - 3rd grade
Math:  Abeka 3
Language Arts:  Spelling Skills 3
                            Wordsmith Apprentice
                            Literature (see above)
                            First Language Lessons 3 (the Well-Trained Mind)
Religion:  Faith & Life 3
                 King of the Golden City
Science:  Apologia Astronomy
Geography:  Expedition Earth

Meredith - 1st grade
Math:  Abeka 1
            Calendar binder that she works on daily - I consider it to be a lot of practical math
Language Arts:  Wordly Wise 1
                             First Language Lessons 1
                             Daily Reading
Religion:  Faith & Life 1
Science:  not yet
Geography:  Expedition Earth

We do journal entries every day to get our brains warmed up (I think I benefit from this more than they do some days).  They also practice typing and cursive handwriting regularly. 

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