Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lent - Day 4

"The time of preparation for Easter is a providential gift from the Lord and a precious opportunity to draw closer to Him, turning inward to listen to his promptings deep within."
Lenten Message 2001

The only time I can recall feeling promptings deep within was during the time of serious consideration regarding homeschooling.  I have not made myself open to such promptings since then. The noise of everyday responsibilities blocks it out.  What an excuse!  I have heard amazing stories of how people have heard God talking to them and I always end up feeling unworthy of such an experience, but that's not how God feels, I'm sure!  I'm sure that God would love for every one of us to be open enough to hear Him. If we just stop then we can learn to hear Him.  I have been turning the radio off every day in the van either coming home in the morning or on the way to Marian in the afternoon precisely for this reason. I want to learn how to hear God. I want to know what He wants of me.  Our hearts can be open and hear His voice - we just have to let it happen. 

May my increased efforts to listen to your voice aid me in my Lenten journey to deeper communion with you. 

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