Sunday, February 17, 2013

Marian mid-winter

Sarah was invited to mid-winter by her friend, Joe Canter.  The way he went about the inviting scored just a few brownie points with Eric and me.  He went to Build-a-Bear and put together a bear complete with roses in hand and, when you push the bear's paw, a recording of Joe's voice saying, "Sarah, will you go to mid-winter with me?"  Eric said at least he gets points for being original.  He seems like a great guy and his family seems very nice.  This is one of the first times she has really shown an interest in a boy and I have dreaded this for a while, BUT, he has made it a lot easier than I thought! 

Feeling really proud of her.  She has adjusted to the early teen years really well and has made good choices so far.  I will keep praying that it continues!!

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