Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lent - Day 3

I'm getting day 3 in at the last minute: 11:48pm.  

"The greatest light comes from the commandment to love God and neighbor. In this commandment, human freedom finds its most complete realization."   Memory and Identity

The second session of Arise started last night for us. We have a new group this time and it went well although we miss the first group we were in. The theme for the second session is conversion, and today's entry from the Lent and Easter reflection book is so appropriate.   Human freedom is found through loving God and neighbor.  We are led to think that freedom is doing what we want when we want, especially in the current culture of 'self'. What a radical call to conversion true freedom is!  When we serve God and others, then we have freedom.  Maybe serving God is serving others.  If we think we love God and go to Mass and pray, but don't serve others, is that really serving God?  Serving others doesn't always have to mean at the local food pantry or anywhere outside your home for that matter. We've heard before that true charity starts at home.  It's easier, I think, to be charitable to those you don't know, to those you can show your nicest self to. It's more difficult to serve those in your own home with true charity.  

This is where I will concentrate my acts of charity this Lent - at home.  I will practice putting aside my wants for those that need me, and hopefully get a taste of true freedom in the process so that I may have a conversion and want to serve others in my home with joy. 

Teach me to love as you have loved me. 

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