Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lent - Day 5

I just want to clarify; the book of reflections I am reading has an entry for every single day of Lent (including Sundays) even though the 40 days of Lent does not include Sundays.

"The season of Lent recalls the forty years spent by Israel in the desert while on its way to the promised land. ...  For the Hebrews, the experience of being totally dependent on God thus became the path to freedom..."   Lenten Message, 1997

There's that word again - freedom.  It is difficult for us to understand that by giving up control of our lives, we are gaining true freedom.  The Israelites were not able to 'plan' anything during their time in the desert.  They had no food, no permanent homes, really no security at all yet God provided for them - everything they needed.  If we could only have that same complete trust in God - for every aspect of our lives.  The reflection goes on to talk about worry and quotes Matthew's gospel: "So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own."  Even Matthew is saying there will always be things to worry about - every day!  We can only focus on one day at a time and give up every worry to God.  We absolutely have to trust in Him enough to be able to do that. 

As a mother, I could easily get stuck in that tornado of worry especially since our kids are getting older, and I am experiencing all new worries.  As long as I continue doing my part - Jesus, I trust in you. 

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