Saturday, February 2, 2013


We had plans to check out WinterFest in New Buffalo, MI today...then we got smart! 

Advertised events: free sleigh rides, ice sculpting and ice skating at...Judy's Motel?   Free sleigh rides are going to attract a lot of families (like ours) with children who are always looking for free things to do, which means probably long lines of waiting in 20 degree weather for probably a 5 min. ride down the main drag.  Tried looking up info on ice skating and none could be found.  No website for this motel.  Saw something on that said it was a campground, but I at least found a phone number.  After multiple tries, there was no answer and I was then convinced that this must be a campground with a small pond offering skating by means of bring-your-own-skates-which-we-own-none. 

On to plan B: sledding for free only 10 minutes away!!  The kids were equally as happy so off we went (after putting a pork tenderloin in the crock pot so we wouldn't get home and have the usual 'what's for dinner?' whining going on.) 

Saw a great quote on Pinterest by G.K. Chesterton...will post more on that tomorrow.  Good night!

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