Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oh, what a day

Here is a snapshot of today because I couldn't type it in a grammatically correct format even if I wanted...

1.  Take Sarah to school
2.  Meet Teresa for coffee and laugh really hard for 1 hr. :)
3.  Come back home (reluctantly) and start school
4.  Stick to school schedule (for once) and start lunch early
5.  After cleaning up from lunch, make dinner (Lyndsay helped)
6.  Finish school with everyone and go through 2 weeks worth of mail
7.  Go pick Sarah up (call Mom & Dad on the way because I'm the best daughter in the world and haven't talked to them for a week)
8.  Come home, leave car running because we are going to be late for Reins of Life and it has started snowing like crazy in the past half hour
9.  Eric gets home and says he can take them (great!)
10.  Get back in the car (with the girls) and go to vets for flea medicine (yay!)
11.  Go to library
12.  Come home and eat dinner - Eric is now picking up Sarah & Josh from Reins and we decide to eat without them
13.  They arrive home and I am already nagging Josh about being ready to leave on time for his tutoring session
14.  Neighbor stops over with cutest Bassett Hound puppy EVER...his name is Humphrey
15.  Help Meredith finish bath and cut her hair
16.  Take Josh to meet with tutor - stay there because it's not worth coming home
17.  Get all grading done :) and read photography book from library
18.  Get home and remind Meredith that she is supposed to be in bed 1 hr early and deal with tears and pouting about 'why am I so mean'?  (hard not to laugh)
19.  Help Grace clean her ears from an October piercing that has not been taken care of all that well.  Put new earrings in and deal with a lot of wincing
20.  Sit down at 8:50 and hope that I can stay awake for a bit longer to read some blogs so I can feel somewhat connected to outside world
21.  Can't ever forget that laundry is always scattered throughout the day too


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  1. Hmm. And this is not a normal day for you? I can't begin to thank you for all that you do for our family. You are truly the best. Much love to you. ;)


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