Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

In addition to giving up peanut butter cups and Dr. Pepper for Lent, I wanted to add some things as well. I am using a bible study by Fr. Mitch Pacwa and a Lent and Easter reflection book based on things Pope John Paul II said during his pontificate. I thought one way to make this more meaningful for me would be to post something from the reflection every day.

Day 1
"We are wayfarers in this world, wayfarers who must never forget their true and final destination: heaven..."  (General audience, February 28, 2001 Ash Wednesday)

It is easy to forget in the hustle and bustle that we are only here temporarily. It is easy to forget that everything we do here has a direct and final impact on whether we get to heaven to share in God's gift to us. Every day I need to remind myself that it is not about who I please here, but making sure I am focused on pleasing God every day.  I pray that I treat those around me, especially those that I am in charge of, with the utmost love, and kindness. Like we sang today at Mass, "...slow to anger, rich in kindness, loving and forgiving are you."

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