Thursday, April 25, 2013

Great day...

Well, it's been a wonderful afternoon. After being a hormonal, not-so-nice teacher this morning which means happy times for all, our washing machine and laptop died within hours of each other. I really can't be too upset about the washer because it has lasted the length of our marriage (just under 17 years!), but the laptop is only a few months old.

We went out shopping for a washer after dinner because we can't live without one for more than 24 hours or the laundry room looks like the worst episode of HOARDERS you've ever seen. After realizing that the high efficiency front loaders really only give you lots of bells & whistles for a mere $200 more, we went with the common-sense-large-family-low-budget model, which I am actually looking forward to because it is bigger than the old one. It won't arrive until Wednesday, so that means a trip to the laundromat - can't wait for that!

Eric has since repaired whatever was wrong with the laptop so...woohoo! I love having a husband who can fix pretty much anything - except washing machines :)

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