Thursday, April 4, 2013

More spring break activities

I already posted that Monday was a project day.  Tuesday was a shopping day.  The kids needed bathing suits and Old Navy was having a sale.  We had other things to do at Home Depot and Wal-Mart too.  We started out great and I was thinking how lucky I am that I actually like to hang out with my kids.  They were jamming to Taylor Swift and everyone was in a good mood.  The picking out of bathing suits and all the drama that usually goes with clothes shopping was actually pretty smooth and the obligatory dressing room visit wasn't bad either. 

How quickly things change! 

By the time we got to Wal-Mart, the two that should know better, were literally running in the produce department (for whatever reason, it doesn't really matter to me), kicking each other and just generally acting like 4 year olds.  My dad said at least we fit in at Wal-Mart and I said that's why we go there.  :D

So by the time all of the things on the errand running list were done, I was ready to drop them all off at a 'safe place'  (no questions asked, right?) and wondering why I ever think it's a good idea to take everyone shopping together. 

But the next time we're all at home together with nothing to do, I'll think it's a good idea for us all to go run errands together.  Deep down, I'm glad that we do things like that together. 

Wednesday I had some donation request letters to finish and get mailed.  Eric and I were asked to be co-chairpersons for the Knights of Columbus Annual Lourdes Dinner Dance Auction, and of course we agreed.  Eric has been wanting to do more for the KofC since he really hasn't been able to do a lot after becoming a member.  This was quite a project in itself.  I asked Lyn and Grace to help me with the envelopes: one needed to be at the printer letting me know if each one printed okay (sometimes they don't) and one needed to read me each address so I could type them in quicker.  Grace read the addresses and subsequently threw all the letters on the table when done so they were in no order whatsoever.  Lyndsay was only partly paying attention to the printer (because the cat is much more fun) so some of them had to be retyped and reprinted.  Then the envelope-stuffing took a while longer because the letters were out of order and we had to search for the matching envelope.  Then we went to the post office, and then off to visit Grandma & Grandpa B which was nice, as always. 

This morning we had two dentist appointments and then went to visit my niece's new dog.  The kids enjoyed the visit; I was reminded how much work puppies are!!  After lunch we went to the park for a while to enjoy the sunshine and get some good tree-climbing in and then headed downtown to the chocolate café for some popcorn. 

We are all looking forward to celebrating a big birthday in the family tomorrow - 40!!!

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