Saturday, April 6, 2013

Eric turns 40!!

There is something nice about having a birthday on a Friday or Saturday - the weekend becomes part of the birthday celebration, intended or not.  The kids helped decorate the house with some blue and black streamers for Eric's birthday.  We made the angel food cake, Lyndsay frosted it and Sarah and Lyndsay helped wrap the large box we were trying to camouflage.  I got the ribs in the oven around noon and the kids waited anxiously for Dad to arrive from work and then for grandparents to arrive.  Eric said dinner was better than a restaurant (he's so kind!)  Grandma C. was not sure about the cauliflower mashed potatoes, but decided that she really liked them.

The traditional paper throwing battle was more involved this time because there was a lot more paper, a big box to hide in, and things to use as shields!

Eric was very surprised to get the smoker and is looking forward to preparing some great meals for us!
We have a little surprise planned for the kids starting tomorrow so they are full of questions and getting them up for an earlier Mass in the morning might be easier than normal :)

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