Sunday, April 14, 2013

First meal from smoker and first injuries

It was a beautiful day (after about 1:00) and after attending the Notre Dame Robotics Day and Meredith's softball practice, Eric got the smoker ready for its first run.  He conditioned it yesterday (I had no idea smoker's were so needy) and he bought some baby back ribs to try.  The rub he used was great - with a little kick.  The girls didn't love them because of that kick, but Josh thought they were awesome, as did I.  I made some smashed potatoes to go with it and we had salad.  We are very blessed :)

I read this book over the weekend.  I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.  I read Immaculee's first book Left to Tell a few years ago and it touched me very deeply.  This book had a similar effect. 

Also, we had our first summer injuries today.  Lyndsay and Grace took their scooters up the hill and the trip back down didn't end gracefully.  Meredith came running back to tell Eric, and while we tended to the scrapes Josh went and got both scooters.  The injured were more concerned about each other than themselves.  Both had to throw out the shirts they were wearing, but... no broken bones!

We are looking forward to going to art class tomorrow as we haven't done that for two weeks now. 

Good night!

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