Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!

The morning started out gray and dreary, but during Mass the sun came out and it was bright the rest of the day.  Cold, but bright.

We usually split our Easter between both families.  After Mass, we head to Aunt Jill and Uncle Steve's and then on to Grandma C's.  By the time we get to Grandma's we are not that hungry, but somehow we still eat plenty! 

This makes me think of something new I've been trying...whenever I want to complain about something, even the smallest, silliest thing like being too full, or being cold, I think of all the people whom are never full or always cold.  I ask God to bless the people that would be thankful for what I'm complaining about and it has, so far, made me more aware of the many many things I am/should be grateful for. 

There has to be the signature silly-face shot!

I'm really enjoying my new lens, but I need a lot of practice too. 

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