Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Field trip!

Now that the weather is getting nicer (finally!), we are planning some field trips before school is officially over.  Last week we went to the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo with another homeschool family.   They have a large passenger van so we all got to ride together which made it more enjoyable for everyone.  This zoo is really nice.  A lot of the animals couldn't be out yet because of the cooler temperatures, but we still saw a lot and it took quite a while to get through everything.  It was mostly uneventful until we got to the goats...  They know when you purchase their food and won't even allow you to feed it to them...they just take it!

Since I'm such a great friend, I only tried a little bit to get them away from her, but then I decided a picture or two would be better :)

Here are some other zoo highlights:

Tomorrow we are meeting at the local Farmer's Market to check out some homemade, all natural peanut butter, in two weeks we are going to Fernwood, and the week after that to Love Creek which I had not heard of before and am anxious to check out.
Until next time...

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