Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where is spring?

Happy Spring!  Except it isn't anything like spring.  It's 20-something degrees with flurries this morning.  Everyone is pretty tired of winter and anxiously awaiting some small sign of spring.  Temperatures in the 40's with a bit of sun would be nice!!

I had lunch yesterday to celebrate Erin's birthday.  We ate at LePeep and, aside from her Tourette's outbreak, we had fun! 

I learned that the picture I recently posted with, what I thought were, the three popes does not include Pope Francis.  So I came across this one...

This shows a bit younger looking Pope Francis and a bit older looking Pope John Paul II, which makes sense.  The excitement over Pope Francis is not dwindling yet.  The major TV networks are covering all of these events quite heavily, and I am so happy we get to be a part of this important time in Church history. 
I heard a great story about Pope Francis yesterday.  I tried finding it on the internet to get all the facts straight, but I couldn't.  It is worth retelling even with limited details.  When Fr. Jorge was a seminarian, he was traveling by train in Greece with another seminarian.  Fr.  Jorge wanted to get off the train to pray at a tomb of a saint that was located nearby.  The other man protested somewhat because they were on a schedule, but Fr. Jorge said that he just felt strongly about it and needed to go pray at this tomb.  The other man agreed, they disembarked and prayed at the tomb.  Later that evening, they saw on the news that the train they had been on was bombed and 80+ people had died.  What a great reminder that we are here only to serve God and He does have a plan for each one of us!
On a side note, Eva likes to help out with schoolwork whenever she can...

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