Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meredith's 7th Birthday!

March is a busy month for birthdays around here.  Meredith's birthday is the 8th, Sarah's is the 13th, Lyndsay's is the 21st.  Then we have both grandma's birthdays; Grandma B's is the 14th, Grandma C's is the 18th.  Eric's sister's birthday is the 25th and one of our nephew's is on the 24th!  Then the kids have some friends with birthdays sprinkled in there as well.

Our tradition is to let the kids pick their birthday dinner, even if it's at a restaurant.  Meredith picked Chuck E. Cheese for the second year in a row!  She now knows that this was probably the last time we will go there...ever!  Definitely not my favorite place to go, but they did have fun.

Eric is apparently a closet Ski-ball champion!  He scored 45- and 46000 a number of times and the tickets just kept coming out.  They were all for the birthday girl, of course!

She enjoyed having her grandparents here at our house afterwards to finish the night!  Happy 7th Birthday, Meredith!


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