Sunday, March 24, 2013

Signs of spring!

There are finally a few things growing!  Snow is in the forecast yet again, but thankfully only a small amount here. Hopefully no shoveling will be necessary.  I was so excited to get outside and get a few shots of new life on Thursday. 

I used a Matte action on this last one, thanks to Rita again :)
We got our tax return recently and Eric strongly encouraged me to get the lens (35mm f/1.8) that I have been wanting for a while so...I got one! I've been watching them on eBay, and after having the winning bid, I saved $30 versus a new one, and I feel like a child waiting to dive into their Christmas stocking, but having to wait until after breakfast!  I'm most excited to test its capabilities in low light situations. 

We are looking forward to an evening spent with some friends we haven't seen lately.  They've had a rough winter with whooping cough (yikes!) in their family, a robbery which has affected them in so many ways, and a broken ankle for Dennis.  I hope they have gained a lot of indulgences for the suffering. 

I'm going to try even harder to post every day because I really enjoy this and I'll have more pictures to post soon, too! 

~Happy Palm Sunday~

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