Thursday, March 14, 2013

God Bless Pope Francis I!

The conclave began on Tuesday, March 12th and by Wednesday, March 13th we had a new pope!  Eric and I were leaving Martin's at 2:11pm and I heard the bells at St. Therese's Little Flower Church ringing and knew that there must have been white smoke.  We learned a lot about the conclave this year and it made the process even more interesting and very exciting!  Listening on the radio to it all happening live in St. Peter's Square was great!

He was Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina (their population is 92% Catholic!), and he is now Pope Francis I.  We are learning a lot about him.  He is being called the "people's pope" because of his humility.  Even as cardinal, he never asked for a Vatican car to bring him to Rome, he takes a cab or a bus.  He is the first pontiff from Latin America and the first Jesuit pontiff. 

This is a great picture showing Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis I from a long time ago - wish I knew when this was taken. 

Habemus papam!

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