Tuesday, June 4, 2013

School is technically over, but not officially over.  Lyndsay and Grace still have some math to do and Lyndsay is still finishing her IOWA Basic test (similar to ISTEP).  Josh is done, but we have to pack up all of his books and lab equipment and send it back.  I still have to get transcripts for Sarah and Josh to send in with their Knights of Columbus scholarship applications. 

We have been to the pool a few times and it has been nice because it hasn't been crowded at all.  Lyndsay and Grace have met two new friends, Emma and Ellie who live close by and who will also be on the swim team so they have enjoyed playing with them.  Swim practices are supposed to start this week, but I still haven't heard officially.  The girls still don't know that they will have 8 a.m. practices...hee hee

Sarah is working at the concession stand at the pool this summer again and will have more hours than last summer - at least it looks that way.  Josh mows the grass for Grandma C. once a week and enjoys his time with her. 

We are going to Love Creek tomorrow with the Everetts and are looking forward to that.  I have been planning a trip to Potato Creek some time soon, but gas prices have shot up and are now between $3.99 and $4.29/gal. so any road trip no matter how short requires a second thought.  Ugh.

I am already getting excited about school this fall!  I was so excited to be done with this school year, but when I start looking at what we're planning on doing, I just can't help it!  Science has proven to be a bit of a struggle to plan.  The kids enjoy it more if it is hands-on, but most of the experiments we have tried (obtained either in library books or online) just don't work.  There are plenty of science options specifically for homeschoolers, but they are very pricey so I may just let the girls lead the way.  It will be very different next year.  Just having Lyndsay, Grace and Meredith here will be a welcome change (from my end and Josh's!)  As for science, whatever they are interested in, we'll just go with that and hit the library - thank goodness for the library!!

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