Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer bucket list

The kids had a meeting in Sarah's room one afternoon and made a summer bucket list (with input from each of them). 

 I thought this was a cool idea and even though I wouldn't be so creative as to make a poster with my ideas, I felt a renewed excitement to accomplish the three things on my bucket list this summer. 

1.  Read a good fiction book.

2.  Teach myself how to knit.

3.  Refinish Lyndsay's dresser. 

I can't believe that somehow I have already accomplished the first two.  I have read two fiction books:  Stillwatch by Mary Higgins Clark and Joyland by Stephen King.  There was so much hype surrounding the release of King's book, I got on the library's website to request it only to see that there were quite a few others doing the same thing.  It came quicker than I thought though, and I read it fairly quickly...sorry to say, I would not recommend it.  I don't know if it's because it's hard for me to get into fiction, but I thought it was boring and, well, dumb.  I feel like I still accomplished the first thing (meaning a *good* fiction book) because Stillwatch was pretty good.  It was a good story and kept my interest all the way until the end. 

Now on to #2: Grandma B used to do all kinds of craft-work:  sewing, needlepoint, cross stitch, crochet, knitting and probably even more than what I am remembering.  She taught me how to sew which I continued in high school but not so much after that, needlepoint, cross stitch and crochet.  I also got into yarn pulling (this doesn't seem like the right term, but nothing else is coming to mind).  Anyway, out of all of those crafts I really don't do any of them now.  Grandpa B let me take some of the knitting needles and yarn since Grandma is not interested in doing this anymore.  I love YouTube for things like this because that is how I learned to knit a dishcloth.  I really enjoy knitting so far and want to learn lots more.  It would be fun to have a friend get into this too, and join a knitting club or something.  My goal is to share this craft knowledge with the girls some day. 

I may wait a little longer to tackle Lyndsay's dresser.  It will have to be moved out to the garage and I just can't fathom where we're going to put all of the things that are currently in her dresser :)  This piece of furniture has been around a while.  Eric had it when he was a boy.  It still looks good except for the ugly brown paint. 

The kids have accomplished a few of theirs so far and I have no doubt that all will be finished by the time school starts. 

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