Monday, June 24, 2013


Sarah just loves Megan and Liz.  A little background...about a year ago she happened to find out about these two girls who are originally from this area who are now up and coming pop stars.  She went with a couple of girlfriends to the UP Mall last spring to see them in person at the FYE store.  They gave them a giant cookie and got pictures with them. 

Ever since then, Sarah has been a faithful Instagram, Twitter and Facebook follower of theirs.  She knows their public schedule and started begging me to take her to some place near Detroit at the end of June to see them sing at a mall there.  (After all, they do have two songs on the radio by now.)  I was really trying to get out of that one and was starting to give in when Eric and I were headed to one of Meredith's softball games and heard on the radio that Megan and Liz would be at the upcoming U93 Roofsit event here in South Bend!  I texted her about it right away and she didn't believe me - she was so excited.  So we trekked over to Martin's Monday evening (after calling them every hour starting at 2:00 because Sarah was sure that it would be so crowded that we would have to leave that early).  I took Lyndsay, Grace, Meredith and Grace R. also.  Erin showed up later with Megan which made it more enjoyable for me :)  Sarah met some friends and moved their way up to the front row.  It was a long evening, but Megan and Liz sang five songs and then held a meet n' greet afterwards.  They were very gracious girls and appeared to be truly excited to see each and every girl waiting in that long line to see them.  After a little rain, being moved to a tent, and some NervousNellie moments from a couple of the younger girls, we had pictures of happy smiling faces with some pretty popular locals. 

Liz's funny reaction when she saw Sarah's phone case with their pictures all over it :)

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