Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1st swim meet!

Lyndsay and Grace are part of the Arlington Gators swim team and today was their first meet!  They have only practiced three times, and even though they were nervous, it was definitely a successful day.  Grace does not like the backstroke at all and requested not to swim that one...well, she was scheduled to swim all four strokes in four separate heats, and she came in 2nd in backstroke! :)  Lyndsay had three heats (everything but butterfly) and didn't seem quite as nervous as Grace.  During Grace's butterfly race, her goggles slid off of her face, but it didn't phase her - she just kept swimming and did great!  That is one of the toughest strokes in my opinion... Lyndsay did a great job!  She came in 3rd in the freestyle which is her strongest and favorite stroke. 

When I asked them if they had fun, they weren't too quick to answer that in the affirmative, but I think after they've had some more time to practice and get used to it, they will.

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