Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day and Josh's birthday, 2013

Eric said Josh's birthday took precedence so we tried our best to split the day in honor of each one's choices.  Eric chose Steak n' Shake for lunch after church (not my fav, but the kids like it for some reason). 

Then we hit the pool for a couple of hours and then headed home to prepare Josh's chosen birthday meal of grilled chicken, grilled vegetables and salad.  Dinner was yummy (we grilled green peppers, mushrooms, and potatoes, but I forgot the zucchini).  What kind of mom forgets zucchini after it is actually requested by one of her children?  One that doesn't get requests for zucchini very often, that's what.  Grandparents came after dinner, and we all sat on the patio for a while enjoying the evening. 

Josh had been asking for an Airsoft gun for some time and so when I finally got around to doing my research, it was while we were at Dunham's looking for them.  The man seemed very knowledgeable and talked to Sarah and me for about half an hour before we decided on which gun to get.  He helped us pick out the ammo and we even got some targets, too.  Once Josh opened it though, we realized that that particular gun was for metal bb's only, not the plastic ones that were the whole point of the Airsoft guns in the first place.  So off we went back to Dunham's the next morning to get the correct gun and he was finally able to use it.  He and Eric went over to a nearby church with a large parking lot to really get some good shooting in with no worries of neighbors or pets being injured in the process. :)


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