Friday, August 2, 2013

Getting ready

Well, we are gearing up for school around here and have been, in earnest, for about a week now.  The high schoolers got all of their supplies and a new backpack each.  (Sarah's backpack was from 6th grade and I just have to say Lands' End has some quality stuff!)  I picked up some things for home that I knew the other girls would love and they fulfilled their tradition of spreading out all the supplies on the floor and divvying everything up.  High schoolers' bags are packed and ready to go. 

New colored pencils are in the organizer ready to go. 

New shelf bins are stocked and new notebooks are ready to be written in. 

I saw this idea somewhere online - I honestly don't remember so I can't give proper credit, but it has been nice to change things around when needed before making a set schedule.  For the past two years we have had more of an open schedule - just as long as they got everything done on their calendar for that day then I didn't care what order it happened in.   This year I would like to try this and see what happens.  They might get done a little quicker if they have a set time frame for things.  At least that's the goal!

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