Friday, August 30, 2013

Quick visit to Chicago

Nancy and Rick have a time-share condo in Chicago and they invited us to go with them and Michael & Tiffany.  We happily accepted but then I had major doubts after trying to get 5 people to go 3 different ways and arranging times and transportation details and pet care... once we were on the way, driving down the toll road, it was worth it!  Chicago is such a fun place to visit.  We got there early afternoon on Friday and walked all over the place.  We went to Millennium Park first and saw The Bean.

See us?

Then we walked around the park for a while and saw the outdoor concert area and a cool outdoor restaurant.  We continued walking down Michigan and went into a few shops that we normally wouldn't even think about if the kids were with us because of the amount of complaining that would be heard.  We made our way over to Willis Tower to go up and see the glass deck they recently put in but there was a 2-hour wait and that would have run into the time that we were supposed to meet everybody else.  So we took our time walking back, stopped for some chocolate and people-watched for a while. 

Once we met up with everyone else we relaxed for a bit, had a beverage and then walked to Miller's Pub for dinner. They have good food and a great atmosphere!

It was a long noisy night with a holey air mattress, but I got to see the sunrise and it was beautiful!  (Of course pictures never do it justice)

After brunch at Houlihan's, we got a tip-off from a stranger in the elevator that the Transformers cars were at a nearby location so we headed over there to check them out.  We were rounding a corner and three of them drove right in front of us...

They are filming the 4th Transformers movie in Chicago . 

We had to leave shortly after that and as soon as we got back into town it was back to the usual craziness.  We picked up Meredith from the parish picnic, made arrangements for Lyndsay and Grace to stay where they were while we worked the parish picnic.  We ran home to drop our things and pick up Sarah before heading back to the parish picnic to work our scheduled shift in the really hot kitchen serving chicken dinners :)  After our shift we ran home just for a bit and then I ran Sarah to a theatre to watch her friends in a Shakespeare performance.  Pajamas and a comfy place to sit never sounded so good! 

It was a lot of fun and I am thankful we got to enjoy different scenery even for a short time.

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