Thursday, February 27, 2014

Field Trip!

Recently, I posted about the ups and downs of homeschooling which was really only the 'downs' that day so I better make up for it and post something about the 'ups'.  The local library offers a free pass for up to 6 people to tour the Center for History which includes a free tour of the Copshaholm mansion on the same grounds.  

The girls and I went to the Center for History to see a World War I exhibit not knowing about the option of having the tour of the mansion.  The woman told us about it but it normally takes 1.5 hours and I had to get to work in that time.  We were the only ones there so we not only had the whole exhibit to ourselves but we got to see this incredible mansion via a private tour tailored to our time frame - which worked out the best anyway because I don't think 1.5 hours would have held the girls' attention!

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the mansion - it is so beautiful.  The family donated it completely intact, furniture, clothes, books, kitchen equipment, etc., etc.  

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