Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Texture Tuesday, Volume 10

It's almost too late, but I'm still linking up with Kim for Texture Tuesday.  I just posted this picture recently, but I had to use it again because of the theme this week...light. 

Someone pointed out the face in the reflection and I hadn't noticed it before then...how do I not see these things?!

edited with Kim's kk_steelmagic

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love close ups of eyes and I often see my reflection in them when I edit. Sort of crazy how that happens!

  2. I always wonder what the person is thinking when I look at a close up of eyes. Beautiful! I love the reflectionl

  3. Isn't it fun what we pick up with our cameras and don't see at the time but in Photoshop will. Love the refection and the light in the eye and of course great focus.


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