Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scholastic Art Awards

Sarah is on her way to becoming a great photographer!  She saved up money from her pool job this summer and bought a Nikon D3200 and has been producing inspiring stuff ever since.  She has taken a couple of photography classes at school and eight of her pictures were submitted to the Scholastic Art Awards contest.  She won two Honorable Mentions!  What a great accomplishment considering 2500 items are submitted and these were her first submissions. 

Marian was well represented.

Can't see this one...her picture is on the bottom.  It is a photo of Meredith's silver shoes and she's standing on the cement lid of our well pit.

Also tough to see this one.  Hers is the top one.  It is of her friend, Abbey, and she has a feathery mask on.

This is cool!

We all agreed that it is amazing that all of these things are made by junior and senior high school students.  So much talent!  We all also agreed that art is tough to judge because some of the things we saw were (in our opinion) very disturbing and still won awards!

Congratulations, Sarah!

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