Monday, December 2, 2013

Chicago Parade (well almost)

Every year Chicago has a Magnificent Mile Lights Festival including a parade down Michigan Ave. and a fireworks show.  We thought this would be great fun and planned on going well ahead of time so the kids knew all about it and we knew there would really be no way to get out of it.  As the day came closer, the weather was looking a little daunting.  Temperatures in the 20's with single digit wind chills and everyone knows that in Chicago it's always colder than you think it will be.  However, Sarah discovered that two of her favorite singers would be performing as part of the outdoor concerts that afternoon so now there really was no turning back.  

We ducked in and out of some stores to warm up when needed at first, but since we had to have good spots to see said performers, we had to be there about half an hour early.  So there we all stood, in the very first row, waiting...and waiting...We were all jumping up and down, back and forth, jogging in place, whatever it took to keep some blood flowing.  

After they finally came out and sang a couple of songs, I knew Meredith was getting too cold so Josh, Meredith and I went to find some heat.  We got across Michigan and found a very crowded McDonald's to sit in.  

Pretty soon, Eric and Lyndsay came and found us and poor Lyndsay was in tears because her hands hurt so bad, but she hadn't said anything prior to that. Then Sarah was calling me crying because the singers were finally done and she even got autographs and photos with them but now they were closing Michigan for the parade and she and Grace could not cross to get to us.  Combine frostbite with panic and it's just not a good situation.  Eric took off to try and find them while the rest of us stayed in McDonald's. Thankfully, some street worker took pity on the girls and let them cross and we were all reunited.  

 It took a little bit to get people calmed down and somewhat warmed up before we even discussed how we were going to get back across the river (that's where the parking garage was where we parked) without going way out of the way and out into the cold longer than necessary.  We finally made it to the parking garage where there was a Houlihan's and we got seated right away and enjoyed a warm meal while the parade was going on outside!  We all agreed that we didn't even care to see the fireworks anymore and so we just left right after dinner.  Even though it was somewhat painful, we were glad we went anyway and will try again next year as long as the temperatures are above 30 maybe.  :)

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