Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining up with Jen - I've joined up with three different blogs this week - woohoo!  It's been fun. 

In all of the books I have read about motherhood, I don't recall any of them warning about the driving commitment involved!  Here's how yesterday went:  Drive separately to meet Eric at doctor appointment (8:15), leave appointment before he's done because I have to run home to pick up girls to go to school and pick up Josh (10:30), drive to orthodontist office (10:40), leave Josh at ortho office because it is a lengthy appointment (11:20), get home and instruct girls to get lunch, leave home with Eric to drop him off at hospital for infusion (they said he'd need a driver, 11:45), drive back to ortho office to pick up Josh (12:15), get him some lunch and take him back to school (1:00), drive back to hospital to see how Eric is doing (1:20), stay for about 50 minutes then leave to go back to school to pick up the gang (carpoolers included 2:15), get everyone home and leave right away to pick Eric up from hospital (3:35), get home and spend some time there deciding what in the world we're going to have for dinner, leave to pick Sarah and Josh up from weekly volunteering commitment (5:10), get home and immediately put pajamas on!!! had to be recorded...

I think most woman are always unhappy with their current hairstyle, right?!  Well, that's me so I found this cute haircut but hubby is not a fan...should we be past the point of trying to please the other as far as looks go or is it still appropriate to respect what your spouse does or does not like on you? (Assuming here that clothing is another issue entirely)

Beautiful fall sunset last night - made it worth all the running around.

Just started reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown (I think this was recommended by Jen Fulwiler).  I'm still trying to finish  The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton but this one seemed like lighter reading.  So far it's pretty good.  The whole concept of this being written by a therapist makes it even more convincing.  She had lived most of her adult life doing the things that she now knows are not good for our souls.  At least that's what I've gotten in just a couple of chapters!

During 'recess' one day this week playing around with available light and adding a couple of textures:

Pulling from one of Jen's takes, why is it that so many moms can't stand playing board games with their children?  She really made me feel better about that because it is usually the last thing on this earth that I want to do!  For example, when I finally got home last night and so quickly put my pajamas on to signal the end of any continued maternal responsibility, Lyndsay asked if we could play a game....Jen's analogy of wanting to claw her eyes out couldn't be more appropriate!!  I don't mind playing fast-moving games, but First Word happens to be her go-to game (or Apples to Apples) and it just takes forever especially when all three younger girls are playing too.  (I know, Mom-of-the-Year here)

I couldn't attend the monthly photographer's meeting that I so look forward to, but I found out that next month we are using someone's professional studio space for free!!!  So excited about this!  Definitely making the whole family come and hopefully will figure out how to use good lighting in a short amount of time!   Have a great weekend!

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  1. #2 ~ I still keep my hair long because hubby likes it that way. He says get it cut, but I know he'd rather I didn't.

    #6 ~ Hate board games. Pretty much all of them.

    Beautiful images!!

    1. You know, I agree with keeping hairstyles in line with what your husband likes. I think in moments of desperation I'm inclined to be selfish and think about how I'm the one that has to mess with the hair, but on the flip side, I think it's important just out of respect to try and wear it how they like it. Thanks for your input! Oh, and so glad other moms feel the same about board games! Lol!


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