Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Texture Tuesday, Volume 13

Linking up with Kim for Texture Tuesday.  

The theme today is... perfectly imperfect.  

I spent quite a bit of time on this and when I put them next to each other, I think I like the unedited version better - I guess that makes the edited version perfectly imperfect :)

I used kk_3003 and kk_0411 with a purple to orange gradient, increased saturation, and added a vignette.  

I enjoy seeing what everyone accomplishes every week...I'm always inspired!


  1. Haha! But, I think the edit is pretty neat.

  2. Oh that's a hard choice, because the edit I think looks awesome!

  3. Wonderful vibrant orange color.

  4. They are both great! I also enjoy looking at everyone's photographs. It is quite inspiring and amazing at how creative people are. I usually learn something too. :)


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