Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ups and downs of schooling at home

Mostly downs right now...This winter has really effected my ability to stay focused and on track with school.  At least I'll blame it on the weather.  It has been so cold that we can't really go anywhere for an outside activity - we did get to go tubing last weekend but that was the first outdoor activity in what seems like many months.  It just really brings me down. And then I get crabby or ultra quiet and I'm sure the girls are wondering what's wrong with me...but I can't help it. Yesterday afternoon the sun was shining so brightly so that was helpful but we still can't really do anything outside.  

When I get in these moods, my brain goes places it shouldn' if I were working right now I wouldn't have to spend so much time with them (awesome)...or...if I were working right now we might not have to always worry about money...or...if they were in school right now they'd probably be better prepared for high school.  I've said it before but that's the single worst thing about homeschooling is the constant questioning if what you're doing is the right thing. 

I will stand by my original convictions on why homeschooling would be best for them (for now) and I will have to be confident that at least I am trying to prepare them as best I can - which hopefully will count for some small measure of success.  

The sun will come out...tomorrow...

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