Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First day of 2014

We had dinner with some friends last night at Papa Vino's which ended up being funny which is a good thing because it could have been frustrating but we chose to laugh about it instead! We had reservations, but they were so busy, they stuck us in a corner in front of some shelves with some items for sale also about 10-12 feet away from the band.  They gave us two small round tables just put together and we could barely hear each other...but...the food was good and we enjoyed our time out.  

We spent the rest of the evening at their house with some pretty hyped up children while it snowed like crazy outside.  We drove separately so Eric could pick up Josh from a party that was on the opposite side of town.  It took him quite a while because of the roads.

Today we just took it easy which is so nice to do.  We played a game the kids got for Christmas called Bezzerwizzer.  It is a trivia game with some fun twists to it and it was fun :)

We watched some Christmas shows that we didn't get a chance to see before Christmas...

Fern stared at some birds outside while I played around with a new free camera app I downloaded - Camera 360 Ultimate. 

 I don't usually make "resolutions" because I personally think they're a little bit silly or maybe that's just my excuse because I probably wouldn't keep them anyway.  However, I got this journal and haven't written in it for two and a half years!  I tried it as a prayer journal but then it seemed too much like work to think of just the right way to word things. I intend on writing in it more often but just in bullet point style.  I'm only going to jot down a few highlights (or low) from each day.  Nothing fancy. 

Happy New Year!!!

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