Thursday, January 16, 2014

Turning 40...

I turned 40 yesterday.  I thought maybe I would have some great things to say about entering a new how it's making me think differently or how it's making me appreciate things more, or all the new goals I have...but no. 

I woke up to find cards in the kitchen from the kids and from Eric - all funny - was a good start to the day.  A good friend stopped by to drop off a dozen roses and some chocolate - love her!  I received birthday wishes throughout the day via text, Facebook, and phone - it's so nice to be thought of :)

As I hear/read a lot - age is only a number.  You're only as old as you feel.  40 just does not seem like anything to get excited least not any more than any other number. 

I really don't feel any differently.  The only thought that crossed my mind yesterday was that my life could very well be half over.  But that's why we're here to begin with, right?!  If anything, it's a wake-up call...I better get busy working on my salvation...Lord knows, I have a lot to do!


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