Saturday, September 28, 2013

The craziness of life

I suppose everyone has a level of stress that they reach when they know they've reached their limit.  I hit that limit a couple of weeks ago.  I can always tell by the dull ache in my chest and inability to sleep all night.  I normally fall asleep within 1-5 minutes (not kidding) and sleep all the way through until the alarm goes off.  Not when heavy stress sets in.  Can't fall asleep right away, thoughts start racing, wake up off and on and then the alarm goes off and I feel like a large, heavy log laying on the bed. 

Here's just a small bit of some of that week's events.  Sarah had 3 doctor appointments.  I had 2.  Josh misplaced his wallet at a friend's house and 3 people frantically searched for that for a few days until Eric took Josh there himself and HE found it!  Here's a picture of my calendar which obviously doesn't even list the normal daily things...

When I actually post a picture of it and look at it, it doesn't look as bad as it felt.  Of course, in a busy family, many things are going on all the time and don't get written down.  This particular week I also felt like I was sitting in the van way more than normal which makes me crazy.  

It's really helpful to write things down.  When things get to be too much, write everything down!  Every. Single. Thing.  Once you get it on paper it feels like it's out of your head if only for a little while and provides some much needed peace.  For the past almost two years I had been managing (or so I thought) to keep organized relying solely on my phone.  I used the notes, calendar, Errands app and others.  After this week I realized that I just needed to go back to what works and get a planner.  I went to CVS before the week was up and thankfully they had a few left (and 50% off!).  I'm trying to get Eric to do this also...

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