Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuesday Drive

Eric has been busy working some electrical side jobs and he was planning on being gone most of the evening Tuesday so Lyndsay, Grace, Meredith and I went for a drive. 

We sometimes go to Fuller's Resort in Buchanan, MI and one time last summer the owner came and sat with me on the beach and, after hearing that we are homeschoolers, stayed for a while.  After learning that I enjoy taking nature photographs, she went and got a map and marked out some cool places to visit.  I didn't actually label any of the places; they were just marked with x's or circles. 

So, we took off for one of the x's that I thought she said was a horse farm.  It was such a beautiful drive on a winding, hilly road I wouldn't have cared if we didn't find the farm, but we did.  There were three Belgian Quarter horses out in the field so we pulled over, shut the van off and watched them for a while.  They were curious about us, but didn't want to get too close.


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