Friday, January 25, 2013

Manti Te'o had the opportunity to tell his side of the 'fake girlfriend' story Thursday on Katie Couric's talk show.  All I really feel like saying about this is "it's none of our business!"  I blame the media from day one.  As soon as it was published that he had suffered two heavy losses in one day (within hours of each other) the media wouldn't leave it alone.  He already was a great story: ND football player, smart kid who is so upstanding and responsible, great family, doesn't hesitate to talk about religion, but when the deaths became the story, the media couldn't let go.  Every time there was an interview, that was the first thing the interviewer asked about, "Manti, how have you been handling the tragic events you've had to deal with and still stay focused on carrying your entire football team every game?" Give me a break!!  They are always trying to get the tears, the heartfelt story as if they were the first one to get the big guy to really open up. 

We all (well I guess I can't say that with certainty, but I'm willing to guess 'all' is an appropriate estimation) have done things in our younger days that we regretted later.  That's part of growing up.  That's why the word 'naive' was invented, right?!  It's a good thing none of my mistakes was ever made so public - no one would have cared! Yes, I believe he was that trusting.  Yes, I believe he was that caring about someone he hadn't met yet.  Yes, I believe he thought it was weird to tell his parents that he never met her, so he lied.  Why be so critical of his actions when they are very typical of an average 21-22 year old young man? Why not be a little more critical of the people behind this kind of deceit in the first place?  Why isn't Katie Couric going to interview Ronaiah Tuiasosopo? Maybe she could offer him a job; he obviously needs one. 


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