Friday, May 16, 2014

Meredith's First Holy Communion

The weather on First Communion is always up-in-the-air...we're always praying for no rain... and, thankfully, it didn't!  It was a little cool and very windy which made for some entertaining outside pictures. 

Meredith read a petition for the prayers of intercession and did a great job.  

All four of our daughters have worn my wedding veil with their First Communion dress...I have loved that tradition.  I thought someone would not want to wear it somewhere along the way, but they all have been excited to participate in the tradition!  Or at least they're good at playing along :)

It's such a beautiful sacrament and this was our last child to receive it so that made it bittersweet...

We had a nice party with about 40 total people here.  The food was gone - either we didn't plan very well or it was really good!!

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