Saturday, October 19, 2013

Harry Potter party!

When our kids turn 5 and 10, we let them have a birthday party with friends.  So far we have had a tea party, a Putt-putt party, a pool party, a couple roller skating parties, a Star Wars party, and a couple Chuck E. Cheese parties.  We only have one more 10 year birthday party to go and I will highly encourage that it be somewhere else so that other people are doing the work ;)

Last night was Grace's turn and she picked a Harry Potter party.  She is such a big fan and has read each book more than once and I don't even know how many times she has seen the movies.  We had been planning for quite some time and Grace helped all along the way.  Thanks to other creative people and Pinterest, we found lots of great ideas.  People really are so generous to share their creations freely so that all moms like me have to do is print them off.  Love that!  The free invites came from this site and most of the potions ideas came from another website (I don't remember which one).  The baker's rack in the dining room was transformed to a potions shop. 

We invited the families of the invitees too so we had a full house :) 

First, the girls got Harry Potter glasses and then they all got a scar from the birthday girl.  They had a scavenger hunt outside for magical creatures and the seven horcruxes.  They had to use their wands to pop balloons to see who could find the piece of paper with 'Harry' written on it inside a balloon.  Then they played pin-the-sorting-hat-on-the-house. 

Grace picked Butterbeer cupcakes found here for the birthday treat.  Eric made most of the brooms and they turned out great!  It's always nice to try a Pinterest idea and have it actually turn out.  

Thanks for a fun party, Grace, and Happy 10th Birthday!!

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